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Summers Over

October 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Well its actually been a few months since I published my first blog post on this my new website. The summer was full of excitement as we purchased our first Motorhome, nothing fancy just a six berth preloved Ace Firenze. I fully intend to relate all of our adventures in this our new holiday home in a travelogue which I will publish later on. 

September saw me plunged back into the photography business photographing P1 Pupils as they started their new schools and covering School Prize days all for the local press. The studio has remained steady with families having their portrait taken. All this despite so many people now taking up photography as a hobby.

Technology has moved on now so that people are able to take reasonable pictures with their phones, and compact point and shoot cameras have become so cheap.

So where does this leave us professionals.............

It might sound very doom and gloom but the thing that most people don't start to consider that Professional Photographers are Artists. Photography when taken down to its latin roots means to Paint with Light. The camera is merely a tool. A decent photographer will be able produce a stunning picture even on something as simple as an iPhone. 

A DSLR Camera simply offers the photographer greater flexibility in lenses and other attachments in order to create that masterpiece. It also doesn't matter what brand of camera that you go for there are subtle differences between each manufacturer so its really a matter of personal taste.

Over the coming weeks in this blog I will describe some of the equipment I have in my bag and how I find it useful. I will also list some kit that I bought and have never really used and also the odd home made piece which works every bit as well as a costly purpose made device.

In the meantime if you want a little further reading :-

Try  The Digital Photography Handbook. It certainly inspired me 

It includes composition, depth of field and how to photograph a variety of subjects.  How to edit and print your images and create a portfolio. Advice is also given on Copyright.




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